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Javier Q. Simi Valley, CA 93065
TV Make: Phillips
TV Model: 32PFL4507/F7 32" LED TV
Great Service. I got a quote within 15 minutes of going only and contacting them. Their repair team is excellent!

Tina B. Oxnard, CA 93030
TV Make: Samsung
TV Model: S60SHYBO2 52" LCD TV
We thought we had a bad power supply. Searched around online based on the symptoms. Technician came and found it was a faulty connection between the main board and the supply. Saved us money by finding the real cause of the issue. Thanks again, Tina.

Susan L.  Sun Valley, CA  91352
TV Make: Mitsubishi
TV Model: WD65731 52" DLP TV
I'm satisfied with the service!

Bree M.  Agoura Hills, CA  91301
TV Make: Samsung
TV Model: LN-52A650A1FXZA 52" LCD TV
eTV Express TV Repair was fabulous! Great costumer service. Dan the TV Man was very careful with our furniture and valuables. Courteous, fair, sincere work. Cannot recommend them enough!!!!

Kirkwood R.  San Fernando Valley, CA  91311
TV Make: Mitsubishi & Samsung
TV Model: WS-73713 73" DLP TV & LN52A550PFXZA
We have two TV’s that were both having issues. The older one is a Mitsubishi tv. They called it a dlp type.. our newer tv is a 55” Samsung LCD-HD. Seems like both tv’s just decided it was time to give us trouble! We first thought we should just forget the Mitsubishi, since it was going on six plus years old, but after calling and speaking to a tech at express tv repair, we decided to see if we could fix it at a reasonable price. We found the company online and called. Their service department sent two technicians out to our house because it took two people to get the Vizio down off the wall. The Mitsubishi was in our den surrounded by a book case. The technicians repaired the Vizio (something about some bad caps (whatever that is). The tv had apparently been running hot being mounted on our wall. The Mitsubishi was in need of a bulb, as it had not been replaced in quite some time (years). The techs did a lengthy installation (some sort of calibration was performed with all kinds of test stuff). All we can say is, the picture never ever looked so good. Glad we fixed it because it has a great picture now. These guys know what their doing. Were happy we were able have one company out that could fix both of our tv types, and at a reasonable price. We highly recommend express tv repair! If you need work done to keep your tv going, these are the guys. Thanks again.

Anna S.  San Fernando Valley, CA
TV Make: Samsung
TV Model: UNEX6001 55" LCD TV
Thanks for covering us on the Samsung TV repair. We really appreciate the expedient response... didn't think we could get service that quick on a weekend with such short notice. With family and friends coming by later in the day, we weren't sure if we were going to be able to watch the super bowl. You saved us in the nick of time! You really are Express TV Repair ! Thank you.

Soodi F.  Van Nuys, CA  91406
TV Make: Toshiba TV Model: KDS-5582020 55" LCD TV
I had a very good experience with express TV Television Repair guys. They are great and have done a very good job. Soodi

John A.  Simi Valley, CA  93010
TV Make: Samsung
TV Model: FP-T5084 50" TV
This morning I called "Express TV Repair" for a quote on my 50 inch Samsung TV. In minutes I received a call back from Tech Support & they answered all my needs with much knowledge and sent "Dan The Man" to my house within 20 minutes after our phone call.. Dan is super knowledgeable, very clean work, and a all around nice guy. Their $prices$ can't be beat... Total cost was a fraction of the quotes I received from other companies including Samsung... I highly recommend "Express TV Repair" and make sure Dan is your guy.. Again, thank you Dan for your great work & honesty.

Eileen V.  Camarillo, CA  93010
TV Make: Panasonic
TV Model: TC-P55UT50 55" TV
Express TV Repair’s Head Technician (Dan) was AWESOME!!! Fast and friendly - Came out and fixed our TV within the next day of the call - One day before Super Bowl AHHH! We will be using them EVERYTIME and share with family and friends!

Pat J.  Woodland Hills, CA  91367
TV Make: Panasonic
TV Model: TC-42PX24 Viera 42" Plasma TV
My TV just started making an awful alarm noise. Nothing we did would seem to work. Finally decided to do a Google search for a tv repair shop in Woodland Hills and found Express TV Repair. A technician called me back within ten minutes after chatting with an online support person. They came to my home later the same day and arrived 15 minutes early. Fixed our tv in 35 minutes which now seems to be working fine again. They even sent us the manual to our tv three days later. Great service I must say. I would recommend this company if you need a good local tv repair service in Woodland Hills.

John M.  Burbank, CA  91505
TV Make: Samsung
TV Model: PN63B590T5F 60" Plasma
I was having problems with our Samsung tv, mainly color display issues. I tried replacing the t-con board myself, but the tv was still having the same symptoms after spending over an hour taking the thing apart. My tv had quite a few ribbon cables that needed to be disconnected and a ton of screws, not fun. The tv was very dirty on the inside. I was starting to think that the whole plasma panel needed to be replaced. My next door neighbor recommended Express TV Repair, as he had used them once in the past. I looked them up online and called. Spoke to a tech who pin-pointed the probable issue right over the phone, he ended up being right. They sent a tech who came out within an hour. He was friendly and knowledgeable. The problem ended up being another component on the back of the main panel. There's no way I could have ever found the issue myself or known how to fix it. Glad to have my tv looking good again. Anyone that has a tv in need of repair should feel confident using this company

Terry S.  Glendale, CA  91206
TV Make: RCA
TV Model: Entertainment Series, CRT TV
If you have an older CRT TV and feel it's worth being repaired, then call this company. I like the older tv's. Mine is almost retro looking with six funky buttons on the panel. My RCA is over eight years old. It had no picture and no sound. I never had a problem with it before, which I have heard is not the case with all these newer flat panel tv's (and yes, I own one of those too). I decided to have mine fixed. Express came to my house and worked their magic. It's hard to find a company who have people with the know-how in a wide range of display technologies, especially outdated ones! My RCA push button is happy again- thanks.

Joni D.  Pasadena, CA  91103
TV Make: LG
TV Model: 50PT350 Plasma 50"
I called several companies about my LG TV. This company answered the phone on a Sunday with a live person. They directed me to their web site where I sent my tv info to them. I sent a decent description of what my TV was not doing from their online Fast Help. We got a call back in less than fifteen minutes from a technician whom had reviewed our description of the problem. The tech said the issue was common and it could be fixed without ordering parts. They were right. The cost was under $200 and they applied the fee to come to us to the bill. Our TV is mounted on the wall, so he was here for awhile as he had to take it down, take it apart and then remount it back on the wall. The tv is heavy! Perfect job with no issues. Would recommend and use again.

Martha S.  Northridge, CA  91335
TV Make: Sony
TV Model: KDL-46Z4100/B LCD 46" TV
This is first time we ever had a problem with our Sony LCD. We have two Sony's. We started to have problems with the LED about two months ago, it's about six years old. We thought since it worked so well this long that we would get a price on having it fixed before considering a newer tv replacement. My husband found Express TV Repair online and called their technical support. They said they would have to come to our home to run some tests to determine what was wrong. The screen had spots of color streaks on one side, and was normal on the right. We decided it was cheaper to repair the Sony than to buy a new one. The quote we got seemed reasonable and they had the parts that were needed when they came to our house. The technician spent about an hour and a half in the back of the tv, ran numerous tests, and even cleaned the entire inside. I would recommend Express tv to anyone that owns a Sony tv. They even checked out our other Sony LCD while they were here, at no charge. Good company in my opinion.

Larry N.  Santa Clarita, CA  91321
TV Make: Samsung
TV Model: LN5404 42" LCD
Highly recommend Express TV Services. Our Samsung just started making clicking sounds and then would just shut off by itself. Technician came on time the day we set up for a service call, and called in advance. He replaced several capacitors. We were advised that a number Samsung’s were having this very same problem and that he had personally repaired 22 in a single month. Sounds like a Samsung product issue to me. In any case, we were pleased to have the TV repaired. No hitches involved. The cost to repair was exactly what they quoted over the phone. Use them if you need your television repaired.

Vinny P.  Sherman Oaks, CA  91423
TV Make: Mitsubishi
TV Model: WD65737 DLP 65" TV
Our Mitsubishi made a loud popping sound when we turned it on, after which there was sound for awhile, but the picture was totally gone. We like our DLP. It's kinda' big but has always worked great. Don't see any reason to not keep it going. Express TV Repair sent a technician out the same day that we called. Turns out we also needed a new lamp, which was ordered for us by the technician. The tech came back two days later, installed the lamp, fixed some other issue that was found, and did a calibration tuning to the new lamp. We forgot how good the TV could look! If you have DLP, consider having a professional calibrate (tune, as it was referred to) as it sure made a difference in our picture. Hope to go several more years without needing service, but if we do, we know who to call. These guys know what their doing. I recommend.

Yolanda T Van Nuys, CA  91405
TV Make: Sharp
TV Model: Aquos LC60E79U 60" LED
Thanks for repairing our Sharp. Your technician was very good. He had us back up without missing a single episode (I won't tell you of what ha-ha!). Thanks for the manual too. Hope I never need it! Yolanda

Andy P Pasadena, CA  91150
TV Make: Sony
TV Model: Grand Wega KF-50WE610 50" LCD
Express TV Repair came to our home and fixed numerous interface problems with our setup. The Direct TV people seemed have got it all wrong. We lost the sound to our speakers and thought the tv had an audio problem. The tv was fine. Thanks for hooking us up- Literally. If you need a company that gets it right. Call Express TV service.

Richard B.  La Canada, CA  91011
TV Make: Panasonic
TV Model: TC-P42ST30 42" Plasma
Our Panasonic Plasma was on the blink, couldn't shut it off, had to pull the power cord. We found Express Repair online and chatted with a representative. The rep took our information and said we would receive a call from a technician. 15 minutes later the phone rang. We discussed the problem with the tech support department and set up an appointment for my day off. A technician arrived on time as arranged, and the tv was fixed in less than an hour. We received a call back the following day. Their client services followed up to see if we were happy and asked if we could leave a testimonial on the web site. So here we are. Got a problem with your tv? Use this company, painless, and reasonable repair cost. Thanks again.

Jim S.  Simi Valley, CA  93065
TV Make: Samsung
TV Model: HL-S5086W" DLP 50"
Picture was very dark, we could barely see a face. We had another company come out the week before to fix the problem. They couldn't find what was causing the screen to be so dark and wanted to take it back to their shop. We declined. Googled "tv repair simi valley". Express tv repair came up. A repair man arrived two hours later. It took more time to take the tv apart to get to the back than it did to locate the problem. Turned out it was just the lamp. Apparently the mercury gas in the lamp was just about depleted. Seems like the other company was trying pull a fast one. Use Express TV Repair if your DLP tv is having an issue. Glad we found them

Jessica L.  Reseda, CA  91335
TV Make: JVC
TV Model: HD56FC97APA 56" Projection
If you call this company, make sure you have your tv info, I didn't, but even so they were very patient while I tried to locate the model number and screen size. Had to fix several problems that just started happening last week. The lights kept flashing, there was no picture. We got it fixed by calling Express and setting up a service call all online after finally getting all the TV info back to them... just took one phone call to confirm the time and get a verbal quote. Hope we don't have to repair it again, but if it ever does need more work we will call them again. They know what there doing

Barry F.  Santa Clarita, CA  91351
TV Make: Hitachi
TV Model: 50UX22BA Projection 40" TV
Thanks for coming out so fast and please thank the technician again for us. He was able to get all the colors right and remove the double lines and images. We thought the tv was finished. I usually don't bother with posting this sort of thing, but they did save me some money based on the others calls I had previously made. So here ya go. No more rejection from our projection! Call them if you need a tv repair.

Mary A.  Beverly Hills, CA  90209
TV Make: Pioneer
TV Model: Elite 60" Plasma TV
I recommend Express TV Repair! I had numerous problems with this Pioneer... we've owned it for quite awhile, and although it was quite expensive, and for the most part worked a long time with needing service, I assumed it was time to replace it. The company said in many ways it was a much better tv then the new ones. So, we decided to have them come out and see what it was going to take cost wise to get it perfect again. We did have to order some parts, and it took a few days to get them, but all and all we are glad to have been able to fix it as it was part of a built-in entertainment console in our den. Express was familiar with the model, and fixed all the problems including some remote programming. Thanks guys. Good work, till next time.





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